At last I have put together some new material for the Worldview section. If you would like to engage in someof the bigger and more important areas to challenge your thinking why not have a look and let me know what you think. You will find a discussion on the origin of biological life together with some reasons why the Darwinian model utterly fails to cope with the specified variety and complexity evident in the available data. Also take time to marvel at the amazing machinery behind the replication of DNA and the mechanisms used to manufacture proteins. There are some cool flash files which neatly demonstrate the biochemistry.
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For those who may be interested - I have been publishing a monthly web highlights page for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. There are links and articles to all sorts of surgical and clinical sites. Some are of general interest and some are really quite curious. Have a look at the archive.

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For the first time on this site - a live News feed from the BBC. Check it out below. Look out for the latest in health news also from both Google and the BBC.


Brodick Bay, Isle of Arran.

Skiing the wake of the Arran Ferry.

Matterhorn with cloud filling the Zermatt valley.


Hagar Qim - ancient megalithic site on Malta.


Every self respecting site needs Flash - get your copy to animate the navigation elements on this site. Visit Macromedia or click the icon to download the Shockwave Flash Player – free! While you are at it - the latest version of Adobe Reader offers significant enhancements so you might as well pick it up at the same time!

Patients will find useful material amongst the surgical pages. These deal mainly with my major clinical interests - the treatment of colorectal cancer and the surgical treatment of severe obesity - bariatric surgery. There is now a page focussing on adjustable gastric banding.

Also new - some web site construction resources including fantastic links for sources of javascript, applets and web site enhancements - photo albums etc. Amongst the digital offerings you can expect a range of resources on digital media - graphics, audio and video. These pages are still evolving steadily so check back.

I am also continuing to work on some thought provoking material which is gradually coming together and will appear as and when I am happy with it. It will feature in the World View section. Get a taster here! I have always been interested in some of the really "big" questions which are so often avoided. You can reach into this arena and consider questions relating to origins, intelligent design in nature, fascinating ideas about the irreducible complexity of biological and physiological systems and also how I view the difficult area of faith and Christianity. Please discuss!

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There are still a few areas in need of development so where you encounter the dreaded “under construction” make sure you check back soon. And finally checkout the galleries.


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